Adding a Host

  1. Boot the new host from an install USB for the latest version of Proxmox
  2. Follow the install process with the defaults except for:
    • Timezone: America/St_Johns
    • Password: Root password from 1Password
    • Email:
    • Hostname: <NAME>
  3. On install completion, make note of the IP listed
  4. In the UniFi console, locate that device and assign a fixed IP and a name
  5. In the ops repository, add the name and IP to the proxmox_hosts list in terraform/
  6. Perform a terraform apply
  7. Navigate to https://<NAME> Log in with the details from 1Password.
  8. Navigate to the repository list. Add the No-Subscription repository and remove the Enterprise repository.
  9. Refresh the update list and install all pending updates
  10. Once complete, reboot the node
  11. From an existing node, copy cluster join information. Use it to join the new node to the cluster.