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Adding a Node

Create VM

  • In Proxmox, create a new VM with the following configuration:
    • Name: k8s-agent-XX (where XX is the next number in the series)
    • OS:
      • Use CD/DVD disc image file (iso)
      • ISO image: k3OS installation iso
      • Guest OS: Linux 5.x - 2.6 kernel
    • Hard disk size: 60 GiB
    • Cores: 2
    • Memory: 4096 MiB
  • Start the VM, and open the console

Install OS

  • On boot, select k3OS installer
  • Select the following options:
    • Config system with cloud-init file?: n
    • Authorize GitHub users to SSH?: y
    • Comma separated list of GitHub users to authorize: nint8835
    • Configure WiFi?: n
    • Run as server or agent?: 2 (agent)
    • URL of server:
    • Token or cluster secret: Cluster secret configured on setup
    • Continue?: y
  • On reboot, remove the installer ISO from the VM

Post-install configuration

  • Make note of the IP attached to the VM (on boot, it will appear under "Address" as the /24 value)
  • In the UniFi console, locate the client with that IP and enable static IP (Settings -> Use Fixed IP Address)
  • Before SSHing in, run kubectl get nodes. Ensure there's a new node listed with a name following the format k3os-XXXXX.
  • SSH into the host with ssh rancher@IP_ADDRESS
  • Run sudo vi /var/lib/rancher/k3os/config.yaml
  • Add hostname: INSTANCE_NAME, where INSTANCE_NAME is the name of the VM, then save & quit.
  • Run sudo reboot
  • Once rebooted, run kubectl get nodes from your host. You should now see the new node in there as ready, and the old name showing as not ready. Copy the name and do kubectl delete node OLD_NAME to clean up the old node.

Last update: 2022-03-26
Created: 2022-03-07